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Behind every successful person there is a successful coach!!

Recently a friend was talking to me about the work I do, very casually he said: “God forbid if I ever need coaching………”. This prompted me to ask what’s his opinion about coaching?

Thankfully he was very forthcoming and very sportingly accepted his ignorance on the topic. Also the curiosity he showed in learning more about it, prompted this article. Coaching ignites the insight from your experiences, builds confidence, encourages you to take action and helps you expand your capabilities. The goal of coaching is to help you bring out your best talents and use your potential to the hilt.


Everyone has the ability to improve, to become better. As a coach, we use tools and techniques to enhance the thought process and client’s interaction with the world. The coach explores the values and beliefs of clients by asking the right questions, to help them understand what stands between the desired outcome and the present reality.



A good coach doesn’t let you off the hook; they hold you accountable to be the best version of yourself and believe in your potential. As a Happiness Coach, I use the principles of positive psychology and focus on the potential use of strengths in clients – such as optimism, gratitude, and creativity – for enhancing day-to-day personal happiness. And happiness grows when we have pleasure, engagement, and meaning in our lives. I rise by lifting others.

Everyone needs a coach whether it’s a top level executive, a graduate student, a home maker, a homeless or the president of United States. – Anthony Robbins”

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