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Self Care Checklist

How many times did you check on yourself about how you are feeling or doing? Most often, we tend to neglect the feelings of exhaustion and depletion. Prolong periods of low feelings can cause anxiety, stress, lack of motivation and negative self-harming thoughts.

During the periods of change, transformations and high productivity its especially important to take a pause and balance your mind, body, and thoughts. We all work towards creating a happy life, by buying new objects, working towards the promotion, etc. but true happiness is not about intensity its about balance, harmony, and order. In my workshops, people often ask how to love and take care of yourself? So this questionnaire will help you start your journey of daily checking on yourself and honoring your self with loving-kindness.

10 Self Care Questions:

1. Did I criticize myself or others today?

“I am fat.” “I always fall sick during exams.” “He never understands.” and “My Boss never appreciates.” these are the common dialogues that we hear on a day to day basis. Thoughts of love and kindness will bring more of the same whereas thoughts of criticism will bring more of that.

2. Do I feel hydrated?

Water helps release toxins from the body. It also helps in better working of the mind. Do you take regular water breaks?

3. Did I eat anything healthy in the last 3 hours?

We often neglect our food and diet during times of change or stress. Awareness will help replace sugary food and drinks with healthy options.

4. Did you do or said anything nice to someone today?

A small act of kindness, like a smile to a stranger, coffee for a coworker, playing with a kid and taking care of the elderly can bring happiness in your life. Researchers have proved that!!

5. Did you pause to take 5 deep breaths?

Adding small mindful breaks during the day helps release stress and increase productivity.

Breath Meditation

6. Have you stretched or moved your body today?

Any form of exercise or a simple walk in nature can help elevate your mood.

7. Have you dressed up as your best?

Dressing up as your best or working on your appearance will help in boosting your self-confidence and feeling good about yourself.

8. Have you met your friends for a chat or an outing?

A study at Harvard revealed that people with few social ties are two or three times more likely to suffer from major depression than people with strong bonds.

9. Have you listened to some uplifting music?

Music is known to be a mood booster and helps heal chronic pains too.

Happy song

10. Did you express gratitude today?

Gratitude always helps in quickly shifting from a negative to a positive mood. Just write down 5 things you are grateful for at any moment of the day and feel the difference.

“The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you ever want, you already are.” – Rumi

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