Hope and Happiness Coach


All very positive, Henna Sharma is a very inspirational and motivational speaker. Totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable way. I am happy to try and introduce it to others. The session was an experience in itself. It was easy and enjoyable and deeply powerful. A great way to gain insight about yourself. Thanks a lot!
Human Resources
Pine Labs
I am grateful to you for introducing me to my new world which is blessed in abundance. I am grateful to whatever is happening to me and everybody and everything that I have in my life. I am a very happy person more than ever.
Senior Manager
J. P. Morgan Chase
I have learnt how to rejoice in my life. Have learnt new ways and different skills which I was not aware until now. This day will be a fresh star to my life and feel excited to experience my new journey of Happiness. I am so blessed I met you.
Jewellery Designer
I would want to thank and appreciate Ms Henna Sharma for the wonderful session we had yesterday about positivity and mindfulness. Henna was absolutely outstanding in engaging the audience through the 60 min session. JCB family would like to thank Ms. Henna as many of us have benefitted from it and will continue to stay in touch with her. We wish her all the best.
Shrinivas Dusi
Human Resources, JCB India Ltd
Met Henna a few days ago, virtually though, when she was the speaker at The Trainer Network. During 60 min she was exuberant enough and came across as a vibrant personlit, brimming with knowledge. I strongly recommend Henna for any coaching sessions you require. She is the Best!
Manish Bhatia
Founder, The Trainer Network
It wasan amazing session! Her smile is infectious and she spreads a lot of positivity around. Thank you Pine Labs for organising this.
Sharanya Bhadran
Dubai HR, Pine Labs
GREAT AND WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE Feeling so fresh and positive to take the charge of my life and create a new glowing world for myself. Thank you Henna for making a wonderful life accessible to everyone.
Region Manager
I am Blessed to have Henna in my life as a friend, mentor and coach. Lucky to be a part of the healing work she is doing in her workshops. Things have always got brighter and happier from the day I met her.
Care Hospital, Hyderabad