Hope and Happiness Coach


I am grateful to you for introducing me to my new world which is blessed in abundance. I am grateful to whatever is happening to me and everybody and everything that I have in my life. I am a very happy person more than ever.
Senior Manager
J. P. Morgan Chase
I have learnt how to rejoice in my life. Have learnt new ways and different skills which I was not aware until now. This day will be a fresh star to my life and feel excited to experience my new journey of Happiness. I am so blessed I met you.
Jewellery Designer
GREAT AND WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE Feeling so fresh and positive to take the charge of my life and create a new glowing world for myself. Thank you Henna for making a wonderful life accessible to everyone.
Region Manager
I am Blessed to have Henna in my life as a friend, mentor and coach. Lucky to be a part of the healing work she is doing in her workshops. Things have always got brighter and happier from the day I met her.
Care Hospital, Hyderabad